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Property Boards 800mm x 600mm PVC Correx

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All our 800mm x 600mm property boards come DOUBLE SIDED on 6mm PVC Correx
(1 Board with your details on both sides, leaving a 2 inch space blank for your post on one side of the board)

Sold & Let cover Slips and Clips come free with each board ordered, you can have them all Sale/Sold or all To Let/Let or a mix of both.


Prices include full colour prints.
You can provide your own artwork or we can do you a free design.

Our design team will contact you when we receive your order.
Delivery is 3-5 working days from design completion.
Designs usually take 1 day to complete to customers requirements using your very own 1st 4 Signs dedicated designer.

PVC Correx Board - Suitable where the sign must support its own weight either internally or externally. These are used for a temporary purpose and most commonly
seen used for estate agency boards. This board can give a low cost solution for a temporary fix up to 1 year (Can last longer in good circumstances).